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Alumier Skin Experts / May 9, 2017

Let your skin bloom this Spring

Your skin is the largest organ of the body and we tend not to be as kind and gentle to it as we are to the rest of our bodies organs. We keep our internal organs healthy by exercising, following a good diet, trying to get decent sleep, as well as regular checkups but we tend to put our skin through its paces by lathering it with all sorts of lotions and potions, applying heavy wear make-up and exposing it to day to day oxidants and pollutants. On top of all of that there is a large percentage of us that don’t go and have our skin evaluated to follow a prescriptive regime which will help us achieve the luminous skin we desire.

Here are 5 tips to help banish the dull winter skin and get our skin blooming this spring.

See a skin specialist for a skin MOT
This is the best tip I can give you – go to a professional to have your skin assessed and get their advice on how to repair any damage or sensitivity that has been caused to your skin. They will guide you on the right path with a prescriptive skincare regime, the same way a doctor would advise you on any exercise, diet and medication you may need. If you have never been it may seem daunting at first but they are there because they are passionate about skin. They will sit with you, understand your current routine and then analysis and advise. They will recommend a treatment program as well as a homecare routine and this will be the fastest route to amazing skin. I was a bit sceptical at first, but after going through the process of a course of peels and following the homecare I was prescribed I am a convert! In fact, in a skin analysis my skin age improved by 10 years after a course of 6 skin peels and adjunctive homecare (hallelujah!).

Get into a good habit with your SPF
We should be using a good quality 100% physical broad spectrum SPF all year-round for skin longevity so if you are not using an SPF in the winter months – make up with SPF in doesn’t count if you want to truly use 100% physical SPF. Get yourself into a good habit of applying this daily. This is as important for your skincare as brushing your teeth is for your oral care! Daily exposure to the daylight not just sunlight does our skin damage and cause ageing. Now that we are more exposed to the daylight it is a good chance to get into a good habit with your SPF.

Regular Exfoliation
I love nothing more than feeling like I have sloughed away dead and flaky skin off my face and body with a good scrub! My personal favourite mechanical exfoliator is our AlumierMD Lotus Scrub. Using an effective medical grade scrub at night can help to get rid of dull looking skin and allow that gorgeous new hydrated skin to show through.

Keep up the filtered H20
It is the age old saying that we all know but in all truth in the winter months we tend to choose warm drinks over water and if you are anything like me seem to tend to struggle to move over to drinking more water as I find warm drinks habitual and comforting. However, filtered water is one of the life sources for a healthy body and this includes a healthy skin. The basic reason is that when your body is properly hydrated your appetite is controlled better which allows your body to be more able to break down fat and in turn you and your skin are more energized and less sluggish. If you do struggle to leave your hot drinks at bay, try to switch out caffeinated drinks for herbal teas like green tea.

Change your products to suit the season
You may want to do a product swap at this point. Changing from thick moisturisers to thinner ones can help your skin feel lighter – at the same time changing your foundation from heavier thicker consistency to a lightweight powder can do the world of good for your spring look. In the warmer weather, we tend to sweat more which can fight to get out of foundation clogged pores giving us a shine we may not want. Using a powder over a tinted broad spectrum physical SPF is a win-win combination for a sheer, dewy and beautiful looking complexion.

I hope that you have found these tips useful to get the glow – as we like to say “Glowing Skin is Always in!”
Samantha x
UK Marketing Manager


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