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Alumier Skin Experts / January 3, 2019

My Skin Care Journey

Dilshad Burman, web content writer/reporter for Toronto’s CityNews & 680 NEWS, shares her reasons why AlumierMD became her perfect companion in her journey towards healthy, blemish-free skin.

Tell us about your personal experience with your skin?

I’ve had a somewhat tumultuous journey with my skin as I’ve never been one of the lucky ones [who was] blessed with naturally clear or glowing skin. Aside from the occasional breakout here and there [since puberty], it wasn’t too bad. A few years ago, I went through a period of terrible breakouts after using a drug store BB cream. Up until then, my skin was steadily improving so it was heartbreaking.

How did the BB cream breakout episode affect your overall skin care confidence?

The little confidence I had about leaving the house makeup-free was shattered. I felt compelled to wear makeup even if I was just going out for groceries and that sunk my self-esteem even further because I couldn’t just accept myself and be natural—something I was raised to believe was far preferable & superior than the artifice of makeup. 

I had to seek professional help from a dermatologist and after medication and using to prescribed products, my skin cleared. Since then, I’ve only used prescribed skin care and treatments and have been too skittish to experiment until I discovered AlumierMD. I started using AlumierMD since August 2017.

When did your skin change and how did that make you feel?

I noticed a marked change in my skin within about 10-15 days of using AlumierMD HydraLight Moisturizer. When I began using it, my skin was clear and fairly blemish-free but other than that it was quite dull. HydraLight quite literally turned on a lightbulb within it and for the first time I saw a healthy glow sans makeup.

That’s when I slowly began stepping out of the house without makeup. It felt incredible! It sounds superficial, but being able to do that without a second thought has been life changing. Not to mention a huge time saver!

I now only wear a very basic amount of makeup to work because my skin itself is a great, healthy looking canvas that doesn’t need a lot of extra paint. If I’m feeling particularly lazy—a quick application of AlumierMD’s tinted Moisture Matte Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF Sunscreen and mascara does the trick!

What advice do you have for someone who isn’t confident with the skin they have?

Firstly, try not to beat yourself up and internalize the shame. It’s your body’s outer layer—it’s not who you are inside nor is it indicative of your worth. Although it’s changing slowly, the world still largely appraises the value of a woman based on her looks—you don’t need to pile on and do that to yourself.

However, there’s no shame in wanting to look your best and [wanting to] wear makeup. You’re absolutely allowed to do whatever you need to do to feel fierce and confident enough to get through your day.

Finally, don’t be afraid to seek help and invest in great skin care. It’s a game changer. You only have one face and you’re allowed to be nice to it—you deserve it!

What is your all-time favourite AlumierMD product?

AlumierMD products in general have been incredible for me and has given me the best skin I’ve ever had. But my go-to favourite for a quick fix is the Moisture Matte Broad Spectrum Sunscreen in Sand. 

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