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Alumier Skin Experts / February 1, 2022

Sleep & Tighten, Wake & Brighten with EYECONIC

Visible results around the clock with medical-grade skincare formulated especially for the eye area.

Cosmetic Dermatology expert Dr Qian Xu introduces EYECONIC by AlumierMD.

  1. EYECONIC is finally here! Tell us what results people can expect with this supercharged kit?

Surprisingly, and perhaps more importantly, my patients report feeling more confident after using the products in EYECONIC. Typically, the skin around their eyes feels and looks firmer, brighter and more hydrated, they look like they have had a great night’s sleep. EYECONIC, contains AluminEyeTM, a peptide rich eye cream and Retinol Eye Gel, a powerful get gentle night-time gel. It’s now my go-to kit, it significantly rejuvenates a really problematic area that’s otherwise very difficult to target.


  1. Retinol Eye Gel sounds great. Most people are daunted by using retinol anyway, how does it deliver great results in such a delicate area?

Retinol is highly effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines by acting like a kind of exfoliator, so it can cause skin irritation if the dose is too high. The AlumierMD Retinol Eye Gel is especially formulated for the eye area. Using a special delivery system, it slowly releases a mild yet effective 0.1% retinol into the skin. This gives you great results while minimising any potential skin irritation.  

  1. Why is it important to target skin around the eyes with products specifically designed for the eye area, such as AlumierMD’s Eye Rescue Pads and EYECONIC kit?

The skin around the eyes is thinnest on the body and concerns like puffiness and dark circles are unique to the eyes. Therefore, products formulated for the eye area require specialist ingredients and delivery systems to target these concerns. AlumierMD’s Eye Rescue Pads combined with EYECONIC, drive results with active formulas containing vitamins, retinol and peptides without any heaviness.  

  1. As a Doctor who specialises in cosmetic dermatology, what does ‘medical-grade’ skincare mean to you?

In short, noticeable improvements in the skin, quickly. This is for two reasons- the products themselves and the expert guidance that goes along with them. Medical-grade skincare contains higher concentrations of active ingredients and more effective delivery systems. However, using the right product on the wrong skin is still the wrong product; that’s where expert guidance comes in. Medical-grade skincare, recommended by a pro, can produce visible, predictable results that people love. 


Brighten. Tighten. BE EYECONIC 

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